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Even When The Sky Is Falling Down...

Randomness will be the only thing in my head

Ever since a friend introduced to me an awesome drama, Yukan Club, it became the start of my Johnny's Entertainment obsession. KAT-TUN was the first, watched extras of KAT-TUN on crunchyroll, youtube, fansites, downloading websites, etc. Then when i started watching Gokusen, I realized that Arashi member Matsumoto was in it. I thought that it will be the start of Arashi fandom, but it didn't. I went on to Gokusen 2, realizing how Kamenashi was cool in there. I went deep on his dramas, and came to Nobuta wo Produce, with familar actress/actors (Horikita Maki, Toda Erika and the mysterious Yamapi). I figured that Yamapi was in there, and i heard about him a couple times in KAT-TUN vids, but actuall didn't know who he was. So when i saw how funny he was in Nobuta wo Produce, realizing that he was in NewS, I started fandom of that. Once there was pratically no more extras, that was where i went into my Arashi lunatic. After that was Hey! Say! JUMP, then went onto other JE bands, and i am still updated with their stuff, on top of my important academic studies.
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